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Moldu- London pup

Moldu is a fantastic 9 month old puppy, loves being with family and people he trusts. Moldu excels in his training and working more and more on his social skills (typical SWD behaviour of being wary of strangers :)). His personality, adaptability to the big city and caring nature is definitely down to the wonderful breeders. Christophe always answered any questions I had and still does now! Stephen and I love him so much and can't thank you enough! Xx


Great puppy, great breeder

We have had Bruno for a month or so. Picked him up when he was 9 weeks and brought him home to San Jose, California. Christophe was excellent to deal with, and accommodated all our (repeated) requests not only for photos, videos, or information, but also for special paperwork and such required to import the dog.
Bruno himself is a great puppy so far. Most of all, the dog is incredibly socialized and to this day has not shown a single shred of fear. He is well adapted and friendly, which is important in early age and the result of the work of the breeder. I visited their house and was able to see all the pups, running with adult dogs, kids, and other animals. Truly brought up as house pets. In saying goodbye to Bruno, Orneilla teared up. There is no better sign that you've chosen a good breeder than that. Thanks for a great dog.